About Us

Our Team

At iLink Resources, our mission to bring great people and great organizations together formed the foundation that has made I Link Resources grow to who we are today. We provide our contract employees and clients with the recruiting and staffing expertise integral to a successful partnership. This expertise has been developed from over 18 years of experience in the staffing industry.

Our vision, our values:

  • We are professional in every aspect of our business
  • We insist on integrity
  • We build long term relationships
  • We “go the extra mile” to deliver service to our clients and temporary associates
  • We are decisive and embrace growth opportunities
  • We make commitments and set meaningful goals
  • We measure results and recognize and reward achievements
  • We leverage technology, innovation, and teamwork to satisfy our customers

Temporary Solutions: Fill your temporary requirements with our qualified talent.

  • Specialty projects or skills
  • Additional help to meet upcoming deadlines
  • Meet work flow fluctuations
  • Save on overhead costs

Temporary to Permanent Solutions: Looking for the perfect addition to your team? We take the responsibility to ensure each candidate meets your qualifications and has the proper industry experience to meet your company’s needs.

Feel secure knowing you have:

  • Time to assure you have the right person for the position
  • HR support through us with our benefits program
  • Flexibility in adjusting to workflow fluctuations